Plumbers Installed Polybutylene Pipes in Duluth, GA

Polybutylene Pipes in Duluth, GA
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Polybutylene pipes were a type of plastic resin pipes used extensively by Duluth plumbers in the 1970s for water lines in Duluth, GA homes and businesses. Considered a “pipe of the future”, polybutylene replaced copper plumbing as the industry standard in the Georgia and other areas of the country. It is estimated that about 10 million homes, apartment building, and commercial structures were installed with polybutylene piping during construction or remodeling.

By the 1980s, structures that utilized polybutylene piping were reporting leaks and breakdowns within the plumbing systems, though “poly” pipes were still being used as late as 1995. Common chemicals found in the water supply, such as chlorine, are believed to erode the pipes and cause them to flake apart, leading to water leaks and damage within structures and underground.

Duluth Pipe Restoration and Repiping Plumber

Just because a structure contains polybutylene pipes does not mean the plumbing will fail; however, odds are not in the consumer’s favor. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that homes and businesses that utilize poly pipes consider restoration, or repiping. To determine whether or not your structure has polybutylene pipes, check pipes coming out of walls by sinks and toilets. Plastic fixtures with gray or blue rigid plastic pipes often mean polybutylene. Poly pipes enter homes through crawl spaces, basements, or near hot water heaters. These are most often blue, but can also be gray or black. When hiring a plumber, one who either specializes in repiping polybutylene or has extensive experience in doing so is considered the best choice. Repiping consists of the removal of all old pipes and replacing them with either copper or CPVC pipe.

Repiping Costs

Although most people think that repiping a Duluth home with polybutylene pipes is

Copper Repiping Plumber in Duluth, GA
Copper Repiping Plumber in Duluth, GA

expensive, it’s actually comparable to many other remodeling jobs. Similar costs might be found in recarpeting a home or reshingling a roof; repiping may even be cheaper than waterproofing a basement or installing new windows. While repiping is a repair that can’t be seen in the same manner, it can increase the value of a home just the same.

CPVC Repipe Versus Copper Repipe

After you have decided to have a Duluth plumber repipe your home, you may wonder which material will replace your old polybutylene pipes. CPVC is the cheaper, lightweight choice, and has excellent longevity. However, CPVC requires a curing period before the pipes can be pressurized with water, and some consumers complain of a “plastic taste” in the water. Copper piping, while more expensive, is ready to use sooner, and is often supported by extended warranties and preferred by many homeowners. However, thermal loss is a problem with copper, and insulation jackets may be necessary. Discuss with your repiping specialist which option is best suited for you and your structure.