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Sewer Repair - Duluth Plumber - R.S. Andrews Plumbing 404-793-7887
Sewer Repair – Duluth Plumber – R.S. Andrews Plumbing 404-793-7887

Many home and commercial property owners will eventually be faced with some type of emergency plumbing or sewer repair problem that needs an immediate response. Problems with back up in your sewer lines can be caused by a number of different reasons, some which are easier to fix than others. Call R.S. Andrews, an A+ rated Duluth plumber by the Better Business Bureau.

Having to handle issues with sewer repair problems or sewer pipe back up can be a stressful and potentially expensive experience. In many cases, it may require an emergency response from a Duluth plumber to ensure that it does not cause excessive damage. Reputable local plumbers often offer a 24/7 emergency response team that is available by phone at all times.

There are many different potential causes to a sewer pipe back up. Sewer pipes that are run underground have a higher chance of becoming damaged, which in turn may cause the line to begin to back up. One of the most common circumstances that damage sewer pipes is that of freezing or shifting ground. While these soil conditions and ground settling may not cause a break or crack in the pipe, it is possible that it will lead to a bellied pipe. Bellied pipes occur when a small portion of the pipe becomes sunken in and begins to collect waste causing a blockage.

Blockages can be caused by paper products, foreign objects or even simply grease build up. These blockages can prohibit the flow through the pipes. Sewer pipes also face the possibility of becoming cracked, or leaking at the joints. This will cause the area surrounding the pipe to become saturated with the pipe contents. Cracking can happen because of corrosion or even root infiltration from surrounding trees or shrub roots. Root infiltration can also prevent the pipe from being properly cleaned.

There are a number of different ways to fix the problems, both large and small, that arise from sewer line back up or breakage. When it comes to solving problems that are more extensive and involve piping found underground or behind walls, there are a couple of different options that a local plumber will be able to help with. For broken or damaged sewer pipes, trenchless sewer repair is a good option and is less intrusive then other alternatives.

The two types of trenchless sewer repair are pipe bursting and pipe-relining. If the sewer line is clogged but not damaged, the two most common options for cleaning are sewer line snaking and hydro jetting. Sewer line snaking involves a larger scale version of drain snaking for clogged sinks. Both sewer snaking and hydro jetting should be done by a professional with knowledge in the area.